Level-up your logs

Powerful application logging in just a few lines of code. Take charge of your data and gain insights into what your users are doing.

A Revolution in Logging

LogDebug is an extremely simple API-as-a-Service that will let you add real-time application logging and alerts to your software products. LogDebug is a REST-based API, but we have libraries available in most major languages so that adding LogDebug to your application is a breeze.

Under Construction…

We’re hard at work building LogDebug into a robust logging platform. We plan to launch sometime in 2016, but we’re actively looking for developers willing to get in on our early beta tests and help us improve our performance. If you’re interested in helping us test our software, please give us your email address in the form below. All the standard disclaimers apply: we’re not going to use your email address for nefarious purposes, we’ll never give your information to anyone else, etc. and so forth.

We are really proud of what we’ve built and we can’t wait to see what you think about it.