Level-up your logs

Powerful application logging in just a few lines of code. Take charge of your data and gain insights into what your users are doing.

Meet the Team

LogDebug is a labor of love by the DevHive team. We’re passionate about building tools that empower you to design, develop, and launch better products.

The DevHive Group

Eric Ryan Harrison <eric@logdebug.com>
Founder and CEO, http://ericharrison.info

Eric Ryan Harrison has 15 years of professional experience as a software engineer. He loves the process of building software and wants to build products that improve the way teams work together to deliver innovative new programs.

In his limited free-time, he also works with the STEM education startup Sumo Robot League providing affordable robotics kits and curriculums to middle- and high-school aged kids.

Karington Turner <kari@logdebug.com>
Founder and CTO

Kari Turner has been engineering software products with Eric for her entire professional career. She puts up with his nonsense and is able to translate his visions into beautifully coded programs.

In her professional career, she’s been an instrumental engineer in several game-based learning companies building immersive Serious Games and simulations. Her most recent project was a sweet VR simulation built around the Oculus Rift.

She lives with her husband and a weird little cat-sized dog that likes to pee on people. It’s a weird little dog and it looks like a sausage.

The DevHive Mission

DevHive was founded on the belief that building software products should be as painless as possible. Git and Mercurial showed the world that there can be a better way to do version control, so we’ve decided to make it our mission to improve other areas of the Software Development process. LogDebug is an attempt to improve the way application logging is handled.